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Our History

The History of KREG

KREG Information Systems was founded by Steve Kreter and Greg Ferguson in 1983. Both Mr. Kreter and Mr. Ferguson worked in the area of Healthcare Decision Support for a large timeshare company, MediFlex Systems Corporation, for over 7 years. At MediFlex a management decision was made not to pursue systems development on a PC and KREG was given its birthplace as Mr. Kreter and Ferguson said “good bye” to the past and hello to the future.

From the beginning, KREG has been committed to using reliable, proven technologies to create a flexible environment, while employing the most appropriate languages for the tasks at hand. Its technological guidelines include using a single set of code that has internal flexibility and robust reporting for small work groups, allowing easy import and export. Its flexible design accommodates both novice and advanced users. KREG’s creation and production guidelines require that all software meets its intended objectives, be of the highest quality, be easy to use, be properly documented, easy to deploy, and most of all, satisfy the client.

KREG’s strength begins with technology. By leveraging web technology KREG has delivered to the desktop the ability for end users to have paperless access to relevant and accurate information on demand. Reporting tools pull information for time-sensitive decisions about financial, clinical and operational performance.

As a foundation for its development and growth, KREG established five principal objectives:

  • Produce a software offering that is based on a single set of code that could be accessed by many;
  • Develop an integrated decision support product with standalone capabilities;
  • Provide internal software flexibility to allow end-users custom-tailoring with a powerful report writer;
  • Provide a client support system that puts the client first, surpassing all others in the marketplace; and
  • Develop software that provides a strong revenue stream, ongoing and stabilizing fees and solid operating margins and income that would generate continued operation for its clients.

Now, over thirty years later, KREG is proud to report we have stayed consistent with our objectives and ahve clearly emerged as a proven leader in decision support systems and solutions for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, physician offices, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies. KREG software produces timely, accurate and cost-effective results while its seasoned consultants and support teams provide invaluable guidance and support.

Over the years, KREG has developed and offered its software in a number of languages and on multiple platforms. KREG and their clients have been successful in moving through market transitions, currently supporting both Windows and SQL platforms.

KREG now offers unique opportunities for its clients:

  • Provides both cloud-based and turkey platforms for size, scale and speed;
  • Offers scaleable systems from standalone PCs, via SQL servers;
  • Offers Intranet development design, production and deployment;
  • Uses auto analysis to supplement existing people skills; and
  • Generates push/pull information to the executive desktop.

KREG’s integrated data model is the keystone of each product. The functionality found within KREG systems is unmatched within the industry. KREG’s systems offer a comprehensive management tool for almost every aspect of the organization. Over 200 healthcare organizations use KREG’s products and services. KREG serves hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, physician offices, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and other healthcare organizations – many of them for over 20 years. KREG guarantees rapid deployment of its turnkey solutions and 100% satisfaction or your money back. KREG is so confident in their systems and solutions, that they share the risk.


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