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Budgeting and Performance Analytics Products

What if? tools

Our clients rely on KREG’s solutions to develop comprehensive budgets efficiently, maintain effective volume adjusted and other variance reports, perform multi-year projections, and keep a close watch on productivity throughout their organization. The ease in which “what if?” scenarios based upon volume, wage increases, and revenue/expense fluctuations provide KREG’s clients with the power and flexibility required in today’s healthcare environment.

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  • EnterpriseVision Information Distribution

    Centralized location for reports and information which are seamlessly distributed electronically throughout the organization, putting all appropriate information literally at the manager’s fingertips.

  • Salary Budgeting and Variance Reporting

    Complete pay period salary modelling based upon detailed hours, job codes and wage guidelines. During the year move into dollar/hour/FTE variance reporting for dollars, hours, and productivity.

  • Revenue Budgeting and Variance Reporting

    Develop gross and net revenue budgets incorporating departmental charge items and payer volumes which are compared to actual revenue & usage during the year.

  • Drill to GL Detail

    Enhance GL variance reporting and budget preparation forms by including detailed General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Materials Management information directly in KREG produced reports.

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