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Capital Budgeting & Variance Reporting

KREG’s Capital Budgeting

KREG’s Capital Budgeting software (CapBUD) is a multi-horizon capital budgeting and reporting tool. Although our CapBUD client processes vary from organization to organization, each site has been able to customize the CapBUD system to address their specific setup and reporting needs.  Features of KREG’s Capital Budgeting system include the following:

  • Capital input form is customizable by user.
  • User defined fields allow you to capture cost elements like construction and IT costs that may fall below the radar screen, yet will contribute to significant variances.
  • User can assign status to requested items such as approved, deferred, denied, unbudgeted etc.
  • Report wizard allows users to customize their reports for the capital review process.
  • Tracking on-going actual to approved capital budget helps maintain long term capital.

KREG’s Capital budgeting is customizable to each organization. CapBUD generates Excel files to be completed by department managers so employees are comfortable with this approach. CapBUD consolidates all requests from managers, then reports are distributed to your VPs or capital committee for review and approval/delay/denial. As those decisions are made, the status is changed for the capital items requested.

Once the capital budget is finalized you may import your actual capital purchases for variance reporting (monthly or quarterly). This requires a unique item id from your GL/Fixed Assets system that matches the item number assigned in the KREG database.  You may then publish reports to EnterpriseVision so managers/VPs can see their current status.

Here is a simple Capital Request form: Sample more detailed Capital Request form:
simple-capital-request-form detailed-capital-request-form

The level of detail required for a capital request is controlled by the organization.

sample capital request table detail

Once the budget is finalized, approved capital budget reports are distributed to the executive staff and departments.


You may compare the actual capital budget purchases to the approved budget during the year. This type of report clearly identifies unbudgeted purchases.



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