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Drill to Detail (D2D)

Drill to Detail

KREG’s Drill to Detail provides the transaction detail to department managers and VPs when reviewing reports, budget workbooks, or even images, like invoices or GL adjustments. The benefits are:

  • All data accessed from one report/location.
  • Transactions stored in SQL tables.
  • Data can be used for variance explanations and/or budget preparation.
  • User/VP/Accounting can view results at the same time.
  • Drill down is achieved via familiar Excel workbooks.
  • Data can be saved to another workbook for other projects if needed.

The reports generated from KREG’s General Ledger Budgeting system are published to EnterpriseVision. Users within the organization open their reports and, when they see a variance to budget, click the subaccount and then drill into the levels of detail outlined below.  Data provided directly in the KREG produced variance report includes trial balance transaction detail, accounts payable, and payroll information.  Other data such as material management distribution detail can also be included in the Drill to Detail setup.

drill 2 detail variance diagram

Data is summarized in workbooks by fiscal period date, unless the user elects to sort on vendor, or some other field. Subtotals are provided for the sorting criteria selected. Managers can quickly see the reason for their variances in the detail provided.

drill 2 detail detail table

drill 2 detail detail table 2

If a transaction does not belong to a department, they can ask accounting to make the correction so their budget variance is corrected. Both accounting and the department manager can view this information at the same time (given applicable security permissions to view the department). This reduces time spent on any issues and they can be corrected quickly.

This is a tool needed by department managers to manage their business. Reviewing monthly reports can be handled quickly, efficiently and within one system. Users can also save the detail information to another workbook for further analysis regarding a variance or for other projects for which that data may be required. The data is at the user’s fingertips, no waiting for IT to write a report for them.

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