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EnterpriseVision (EV)

EnterpriseVision® - An entirely new look at your data

EnterpriseVision Reporting system is KREG Information Systems’ answer to getting the right information to the right person at the right time in an economical fashion. Using EV everyone in your organization will be able to access the same data, with built in security levels, by using a simple web browser and point and click interface. EnterpriseVision was a VHA National Operational Performance and Service Award finalist.

One of EV’s unique capabilities is the “Report Blaster”. This allows our clients to electronically distribute reports that are currently being distributed on paper (e.g. accounts payable, labor distribution, revenue and usage, etc.) from Meditech, McKesson, Lawson, Quadramed and other HIS systems. Many of our clients also distribute their Truven (formerly Solucient) and Premier productivity reports to department managers using this unique system.

EnterpriseVision, developed with the latest in Intranet technology, gives you a way of storing and quickly retrieving information by common sense subjects. You look up information in much the same way as you would in a library: by subject. You will also be able to see who is or is not looking at their reports.

EnterpriseVision’s Key Benefits

- Provides quick distribution of information across the enterprise.
- Provides e-budgeting and e-reporting capabilities.
- Tracks departmental submissions, approvals and rejections.
- Provides user friendly access to department managers in a secure web environment.
- Eliminates manual data entry and errors.
- Uses web technology so no end user training required.
- Runs on thin clients making it easy for IT to support.
- Customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.
- Automates electronic distribution of typical “greenbar” reports.
- Operates as a stand alone intranet or in conjunction with your existing intranet.

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