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Budgeting Services

Budgeting Services Provided by KREG

Finance's roles in healthcare management keep expanding and are subject to the same issues every department faces.... Finance must do more with less: Less money, Less time.

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We know finance issues related to budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and analysis keep you awake at night. KREG can help during crunch time. Just think of KREG as your budgeting temp service with a whole lot of experience.

KREG backs our software with a team of dedicated professionals to help you through your budget process, financial reporting and beyond. Averaging 20 years of healthcare experience, our team has been there and done that. As former Directors of Finance, Budget Managers, and Budget Analysts – our front line experience from working with hundreds of organizations proves invaluable when you need it the most.

KREG crafts a custom solution for every client, so whether you need staff to cover vacations or vacancies, new staff training, a brainstorming session, or planning or longer term efforts, KREG has a solution to fit. Combining cutting edge software and industry leading best practices we take your objectives, expectations and time line into account to deliver exactly what you need.

Recent projects with clients include:

Staff Development.

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Staff often have little to no experience developing a budget or interacting with department managers and leadership during the budget process. KREG trains and mentors staff to develop those skills. We work both remotely and on site with a mutally developed training curriculum to turn your team into a lean, mean budgeting and reporting machine.

On-going Maintenance.

Short staffed or small staffed, you still must produce information for stakeholders in a timely fashion. KREG professionals remotely access your data, update databases, reconcile to internal source documents then electronically publish reports and key metrics for your department managers, and senior leadership. We even facilitate discussions with managers about financial education and help them understand and explain variances. You sleep easier knowing data is distributed and people are reviewing and managing to expectations.

General Ledger Conversion

New systems bring a host of issues beyond implementation. History is lost, inaccessible or not comparable to the new structure. KREG professionals perform numerous General Ledger Conversions annually thereby preserving historical data for future reporting. This allows you to compare old system history to new system data easily and efficiently. Our experts ensure a complete crosswalk, reconciling every bit of data at every step. KREG ensures you have data to bridge the systems for your analytics.

Budgeting and Financial Reporting

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KREG helps you develop your budget, from designing forms, collecting and consolidating data, P&L reporting, through developing a report set and presentations for Board meetings.

We meet with department managers and senior leadership to develop strategy around your objectives. This flexible approach combines budget approaches that fit your needs including zero-based, volume based, projected and multi-year forecasting, and we use any and all depending on specific areas in your organization.

After the budget is complete and approved, we can develop a series of reports to communicate key data and host roll out education service for your users. You can relax knowing the method and model has been carefully screened based on the specific area and department managers are well informed about the financial reporting aspects of the organization.

Productivity Development and Monitoring

Slash and burn staff reductions often backfire. It results in excessive overtime, agency usage and staff burn-out over time.

We work with senior leadership to develop realistic standards, systems and processes to effectively implement and monitor productivity. Our communication and feedback process generates open dialogue among all involved parties. On-going monitoring ensures the process stays on track.

We can revisit and refine the model at any time, such as the case when the implementation of new technology may create workflow improvements.

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Whether seeking a bond offering or looking to refinance, the first requested information will be financial in nature. KREG professionals trend your data over time developing multi-year forecasting at a granular level providing you the answers you need. Be confident you will know ‘what’s in there’ as you work through financing.

Advanced Analytics/Financial Pro-Formas

Often you don’t have time to wait for your Decision Support/Business Intelligence department to run a slew of reports, or you don’t have a Decision Support system. KREG professionals can assist by pulling information together from various internal sources (GL, cost report, labor reports) to provide the information you need for decision making.

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Capital Budget Development

Whether it is for a single or multi-year horizon, KREG helps you develop your capital budget, from designing forms, collecting and consolidating data, approval & on-going tracking of capital item expenditures. Our system allows for unlimited user defined fields which allow us to capture cost elements like construction and IT costs that may fall below the radar screen, yet will contribute to significant variances.

Have a different need?

The above represents a small fraction of the projects we recently completed. If you have a need not mentioned above, please contact one of the KREG professionals at or (203) 762-2268 to discuss your need with one of our professionals.

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