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Executive Data Conferencing

Executive Data Conferencing Overview

data conferencingToday’s healthcare environment is constantly in motion, seemingly never giving you the opportunity to solve one issue before the next one, or two or more come straight at you. Contract negotiations, defensible pricing, consumer driven healthcare, reducing expenses and increasing efficiencies are revolving concerns where you are forced to choose what is more important at any given time.

Every day you are forced to make choices on what issues are most important to address as well as what information you want to analyze when working on the issue. You may be asking yourself what data and reports do I need? and do we have the expertise to properly analyze this issue and determine desirable outcomes?

KREG’s Executive Data Conferencing Service helps our clients to sort out these issues and provide invaluable experience and leadership in report development.

KREG’s approach includes these core fundamental steps:

  1. Review “hot spot” areas of immediate concern.
  2. Review existing databases and supplement where necessary.
  3. Develop core report set to analyze base issue.
  4. Meet with Senior Leadership & Key Managers.
  5. Develop standard reporting with monthly, quarterly, and annual focus.
  6. Establish on-going maintenance and a regular meeting schedule.

Here is what one of our clients had to say about KREG’s Executive Data Conferencing Services:

With KREG’s experience and knowledge, both in their systems and our HIS solution, we were able to develop a base series of reports on “areas of interest” which were reviewed with our senior leadership team. The end result was development of meaningful monthly and quarterly standard report sets that are reviewed during on-going meetings for appropriate action. KREG’s experience and ability to work in a collaborative effort was a huge asset to our organization".

VP Finance, KREG Client

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