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Do you have a question or are you uncertain whether you've discovered an unknown bug or merely an undocumented feature? Send an email to us at to discuss your software issues. Be sure to include the system name and version (found under Help – About) in the SUBJECT line and include problem details and facts in the body of the email. Your message will automatically be routed to the appropriate people and we will be in touch with your shortly.

You can download the latest KREG MCS software updates now.

Download Instructions:

  1. Determine the version you need. The version is displayed on the first screen of the pop-up activated by the Help_About menu.
  2. Download the version you need by double clicking appropriate file in the table below.
  3. Select the "Save to Disk" option.
  4. Save the file to the Kreg MCS program directory. That is, save it on the same directory where your code resides for that system. (e.g., c:\kregcode\winmcs, or l:\kregcode\winmcs)

Installation Instructions (once the update file has been downloaded):

  1. Open Windows Explorer and locate the updates file in the Kreg MCS program directory.
  2. Double click the update filename to start the WinZip self extraction process
  3. Change the “Unzip To” folder from your default TEMP folder to your Kreg Program folder.
  4. Click Unzip
  5. Close WinZip and Windows Explorer
  6. The next time you start Kreg MCS you will be prompted about applying the updates. Answer yes to this prompt.

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